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We are taking pre-orders for small production runs of our NK 5.5-C controller keyboards.  You must be on our email list to receive information on price and availability.

Introducing the NK5.5
A digital keyboard for everyone from beginners through professional pianists. 

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These are photos of the current NK5.5 model available for ordering.

Our Prototype Keyboards

  • MIDI 2.0 compliant keyboard controller (signal output to musical software for sound, by USB or MIDI cable)

  • Lightweight:  27.5 lbs., 12.5 kg for easy transport

  • Dimensions are 43 x 3 x 13 inches (109 x 7.6 x 33 cm).

  • Proprietary sensors monitor the position and movement of each key continuously--similar to optical sensors.

  • Inputs for 2 pedals

  • Powered through the USB port (either from computer or standard USB power adapter)

  • "Match Weighted Keys":  Each key has a 52 gram touch weight--comparable to a piano.  It is a new design we love playing.

Likely Design for Manufacture

  • MIDI 2.0 (our design engineer is a member of the MIDI specification board that drafted the new protocol)

  • Onboard software for piano sound, possibly a few others

  • MIDI output for use of external software with any sound you prefer

  • No speakers--connect your own

  • Ports:  MIDI out, USB out, speakers, pedals

What does "Match Weighted" mean?

At its simplest, "match-weighted" describes an evenly weighted touch (52 g) across the keyboard.  Treble and bass feel the same. 

The feel of a piano key is different on every piano (digital and acoustic) and determined by a variety of factors.  Most keyboards with a spring mechanism lack the sensitivity required to play classical music.  They also have a very light initial inertia which also hampers pianistic control.  It is very difficult to describe a new action with words and match-weighted is the best way we could do that.  It is a spring action with the same initial inertia as a concert grand (52 gms).  It has a lighter feel but is very easy to control and extremely responsive.  There is nothing to compare it to as the software engineering is all very new.  It responds well to Debussy, Bach, Chopin, Gershwin, Jazz, and Rock.  It has great repetition, a wide range of dynamics and combined with narrow keys offers a sensitivity and control (especially for small hands) that is unparalleled.  

What features do you want
in your digital keyboard?

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