Introducing the NK5.5
A digital keyboard for everyone from beginners through professional pianists. 

Our Prototype Keyboards

  • MIDI 2.0 compliant keyboard controller (signal output to musical software for sound, by USB or MIDI cable)

  • Lightweight:  25 lbs., 12 kg for easy transport

  • Optical sensors monitor the position and movement of each key continuously.

  • Inputs for 2 pedals

  • Powered through the USB port (either from computer or standard USB power adapter)

  • "Match Weighted Keys":  Each key has a 52 gram touch weight--comparable to a piano.  It is a new design we love playing.

Likely Design for Manufacture

  • MIDI 2.0 (our design engineer is a member of the MIDI specification board that drafted the new protocol)

  • Onboard software for piano sound, possibly a few others

  • MIDI output for use of external software with any sound you prefer

  • No speakers--connect your own

  • Ports:  MIDI out, USB out, speakers, pedals

What features do you want
in your digital keyboard?

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