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The Feel of Our Keyboard

See our best description of the keyboard action in our recent blog post.

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Linda plays Georgia on My Mind
with tenths like Oscar Peterson played it!

First Contact Narrow 1280x720.png
First Contact

Take things step-by-step the first time you try Narrow Keys. A little practice time on simple skills, feeling the comfort in your hands as you adjust to the new spacing on the keyboard, will speed you along to more advanced music and mastery of this instrument. Let Linda explain.

The NK 5.5 lets you play everything!  Hear its range in the videos below.

Gershwin has big chords and my sister, Susan Gould (we perform as the Dragonfly Sisters) was blessed with a large hand. Now I can keep up with her! 

Grieg is very expressive and uses a full range of dynamics. An acoustic piano is the ideal, but when we toured with our digital pianos we got a terrific response.

I always wanted to play Chopin Etudes but most of them (especially this one) were unplayable. What a difference narrow keys make!

The 5.5-inch octave allows a small hand to play with a relaxed hand position (compared to the norm for a piano, the 6.5-inch octave). This allows much greater control while playing. It gives better control over voicing, dynamics, touch, etc. We are most often asked “What does it feel like?” While the touch and feel of a piano is very subjective, the NK5.5 is very responsive to the pianist's touch -- thanks to a combination of advanced software and proprietary key sensing technology. You will hear that it offers a wide range of responsiveness to classical music.


Once you adjust to Narrow Keys, you will be surprised to find that you can still play the big keys as well as you ever did.  Watch Linda play Maple Leaf Rag on four different keyboards, from 6.5 to 5.5 inch octave widths.

NK5.5C thumbnail.png
Linda explains what a controller is and what additional equipment you need to use it as a digital piano.

On Tour with the NK5.5 

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