We hope to offer limited quantities of keyboards in the winter of 2022-2023.

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We are working very hard to get some narrow key digital keyboards made in 2022.  Want updates? Please click on the form.

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Linda explains how to connect our keyboard controller to a sound module and use it as a digital piano.
Accessories you may need:


We recommend the Roland Pedal DP-10

Buy it at Amazon or Sweetwater.

Option A

V3 XXL Piano Sound Module 

Buy it at Sweetwater or PianoManChuck.

MIDI Cable

USB Wall Power Adapter

USB-C cable

Speakers plug into V3

Option B

Using Your Computer for Sound

Piano Software Package:

Options include PianoTeq, Garage Band, Mainstage and others
USB-C cable
(keyboard gets power from the computer through the USB-C cable)
Speakers plug into computer headphone jack