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Who Makes These Keyboards?

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Our keyboard was designed by Dave Starkey, the lead designer and engineer of PianoArc. He designed the circular keyboard featured in Lady Gaga's tours and played by keyboardist Brockett Parsons.

Dave has been a pioneer in MIDI and music electronics since his work on the Lowry MX-1 Organ introduced in 1981. He is inventor of numerous keyboard sensing technologies that allow our keyboard to “speak” to the computer sound engines in ultra fine grained resolution. Dave takes ideas that seem remote or impossible and makes them real in short order.

The keyboard Dave designed for us has continuous optical sensing of the keys and state-of-the-art MIDI 2.0 software. Our keyboard is responsive and expressive--well suited to everything from classical to jazz to popular music.

Our keyboard does not carry the PianoArc brand, because it is a standard rectangular keyboard. But everything about it is designed and built by the same crew.

The production site is located in the USA.

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