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NK5.5 at the Stretto Festival for Narrow Key Pianos


Watch Kathryn perform in the 2023 Stretto Festival. All online concerts are free to watch this year. Find the concerts at this link. From a pianist's perspective, the best parts of this concert can be found at the following times on the video: 35:00. -- Kathryn plays Rhapsody in Blue by George Gerschwin on her Yamaha C7 piano with a DS®5.5 keyboard. Watch her relaxed hands soaring over the keys in this piece. 1:10:00 -- Kathryn plays Un Sospiro by Franz Liszt on her NK5.5 keyboard. This piece is both delicate and fast with lots of arm crossing. Kathryn does a beautiful job (it truly took our breath away) and we thank her so much for her kind words about our NK5.5 action. Kathryn expects to use her NK5.5 keyboard during upcoming concert tours. We hope to hear more beautiful music from her in coming months.

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